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Amanda Uprichard: Unveiling the Designer’s World

Amanda Uprichard

Amanda Uprichard is a contemporary women’s lifestyle brand founded by the designer herself in 2008 in NYC. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Amanda Uprichard’s brand, from its inception to its growth, and the creative process behind it.

The Inception of Amanda Uprichard

Amanda Uprichard started making clothing at a young age and launched her brand after years of trial and error. She learned what women want to wear, what makes them feel great, and who their customers are. Amanda always wanted to have a business of her own, and she learned how to start, run, and grow a brand by doing everything herself when she first started.

Getting the Word Out

To get the word out about her brand, Amanda focused on wholesale, cold-calling retailers, attending trade shows, and building a loyal following. She also credits fashion pioneer Patricia Field for being an early supporter of her brand.

The Inspiration Behind Amanda Uprichard’s Designs

Amanda finds inspiration everywhere, especially in seeing how confident women can be when wearing a great outfit. Her typical day involves checking in with each team in the morning and focusing on designing upcoming collections in the afternoons. The design process starts by looking at the collection’s fabrics and color palette, then by sketching, making muslins, and getting samples made before photographing the clothing for wholesale selling.

The Importance of Fit and Quality

The fit of the clothing is incredibly important to Amanda, and she wants it to be perfect. The quality of the fabric is also essential. Amanda has gotten to know her customer through Instagram and feedback from retailers.

The Importance of Being Designed, Made, and Packaged in NYC

Amanda believes it is important to give business to NYC factories, so her collections are designed, made, and packaged in NYC.

The Future of Amanda Uprichard

Amanda is focusing on the business, finding new ways to introduce her brand to new customers. She recently launched swimwear, aprons, and masks and is excited to see where she goes next.

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